Ganna Biletska

Art photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.

Anna Biletska was born in 1980 in Kiev (Ukraine). Has been professionally engaged in photography since 2019.

Member of Society of Photo Artists of Ukrainе.

She sees happiness in small things and tries to draw people's attention to this. Loves nature and freedom in it. 

Each series of her works is associated with certain periods of her life, thanks to which whole projects are born. They carry the feelings and emotions that Anna had at the time of their creation. In her paintings, she tried to speak with people without words, only feelings, sharing her happiness or pain, joy or disappointment, dependence or inner freedom.

The main method of expression is color. The practice focuses on translating personal experience through visual images using color.


Graduated from Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I. Karpenko-Kary 2007

Studied at the Kiev School of Photography 2019 (D. Bogachuk courses)

Studied at the School of conceptual and art photography «MYPH» 2020-2021  


Museum of Kyiv, Ukraine 2024

Ukrainian cultur centre in Stockholm, Sweden 2024

Museum of Modern Art Utrecht, Netherlands 2023

Walker Art Gallery, USA 2022

Dumchuk Gallery, Ukraine 2022  

Millepiani Gallary curated by LoosenArt, Italy 2022

5th Chania International Photo Festival, Greece 2022

AE Galerie, Organization of Ukrainian Women Photographers, Germany 2022

Kunstwerk Gallery, Germany 2022

Gallery Chaussee 36, Germany 2022

The Holy Art Gallery, United Kingdom 2022

Blank Wall Gallerу, Greece 2021

International Photography Fair KYIV РНОТО, Ukraine 2020 

NUART GALLERY, Ukraine 2020

Millepiani Gallary curated by LoosenArt, Italy 2020 

The International Salon of Art Photography, Ukraine 2020 

Millepiani Gallary curated by LoosenArt, Italy 2020 


Photo «Time to Choose» from the «Start Again» series were selected for the finals of the VIENNA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARD 2022

Photos from the series «Reflection Rhythms» were selected for the final of the World Masters of Photography 2022 in Vienna 

The «Yellow» series won the Silver Award in the Fine Art Professional category at the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021   

Photos from the series «Unknown Planets» and «Not Alive» were selected for the final of the Vienna International Photo Award 2021  

Nominee in the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards in Professional Fine Art category with 2 series «Gentle Souls» and «Not Alive»

My works «Everglow» and «Loneliness» were accepted at the Duncan Miller Gallery Los Angeles

The «Gentle Souls» series was awarded at the Neutral Density Photography Awards 2020 with an Honorable Mention In Nature «Other Category» 

The «Not Alive» series was awarded at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 Honorable Mention Winner in category Fine Art Professional 


Photocatalog 2023 National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine fbclid=IwAR2zgfeSWdCxA_2ccRYqiks0Xl5NQsop5b0SIvKixcPcW9s0Prph0aiLO1U

«MYPH» the first photo publication about the Young Mykolaiv Photography School 2022

Online publication of the project «Between the Lives» in the magazine Dodho #19/2022