Project «Closed»

Experiences, personal drama, pain. Lack of human warmth. We need people, their unconditional love and acceptance of us for who we really are. We trust and dissolve into them, we close our eyes and dive deep. We take risks. It's like drawing the lottery, maybe we'll get lucky. But not everyone is lucky. The one who is not lucky, after a while begins to suffocate, and sobering up hurries to surface to take a greedy breath of air. Experiencing disappointment and pain, we get angry at the one who did not fulfill our hopes. Angry at ourselves for letting ourselves dive. And then we shut down. From feelings, from people, from life and the world at large. We spend some time alone. Running the same thoughts over and over in our heads. But the statue. It's cold and motionless. She's the only one who can't hurt you. Human warmth doesn't matter to her, she is happy on her own. An indifference arises within us. It becomes easier to look at the world and people. Perhaps the statue was once a human being too, gentle and warm and as open as you were yourself, not long ago. It just dived too deep many, many times, hoping for tenderness to her soul.